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Maid Like New in honored to be partnered with this wonderful foundation. Cleaning For A Reason is a nonprofit organization partnering with maid services to offer free professional house cleanings to improve the lives of women undergoing cancer treatment.

This organization is near and dear to our heart. We could not be happier to be apart of such an amazing and inspiring organization.


 Established in 2012, L4L is an organization in honor of Elizabeth Holman-Melde. In September of 2011, Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. She was only 25 years old, a non-smoker and a newlywed. Seven short months after Elizabeth’s diagnosis, she passed away. This organization raises awareness for lung cancer and supports the people whom it affects.

Maid Like New is honored to be able to provide this foundation with gift certificates for deep cleans. Sophia's Saving Grace Foundation was founded to help families through difficult times by brightening their day while their child is in the hospital. They realize that one child’s sickness affects the whole family and they are dedicated to healing the entire family unit.


They offer financial support when possible, through their grant program. They are dedicated to advocate for parents rights and medical research. They help parents advocate for their child’s health care need by collecting information and supporting their voice in their child’s care

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